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Unlock The True Value Of Your Superannuation

With an SMSF Loan, you can leverage your superannuation fund to invest in property. SMSF borrowings help you save for the future while capitalising on a favourable real estate market and achieving your retirement and wealth goals.  

What Is An SMSF Loan?

An SMSF loan is used by an SMSF to buy an investment property. It is an excellent way to grow your retirement nest egg and maximise the funds. The debt and loan repayments are the responsibility of the SMSF. However, any returns like rental income or capital gains stay within the SMSF. You can also use an SMSF loan to refinance your existing property, be it residential or commercial. A significant benefit of an SMSF property loan is that you can choose what to invest in. Moreover, your fund can take advantage of significant tax benefits.

What Are An SMSF Loan's Features and Benefits?

Our SMSF loan is simple to set up with SMSF compliance in mind. Our customers will benefit from a streamlined and simplified application process as well as ongoing support from our specialist SMSF borrowing team.

Features and Benefits:-

  • For new purchases and refinances
  • Up to 80% LVR
  • Principal & Interest and Interest Only Terms
  • Split loans available
  • Variable rate or fixed rate available
  • 100% Offset facility
  • Unlimited additional repayments
  • Low-interest rates and fast approvals
  • Online access to your account.
  • SMSF refinancing facility

What Are The Eligibility and Requirements For An SMSF Loan?

To be eligible for an SMSF loan, you must have an existing self-managed super fund structure or should be in the process of creating an SMSF structure. Moreover, you must be looking to invest in a property and meet other applicable requirements, such as liquidity requirements.

How Much Can I Borrow?

The Australian government has imposed a limited recourse borrowing arrangement on SMSF borrowing. The SMSF trustees can borrow money to buy property. The property purchased using an SMSF loan needs to be held in a separate trust. With an SMSF loan, you can borrow the following:
  • A Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangement lets you borrow up to 75-80% of the property value.
  • You can borrow up to 70% of the property value if you are taking an SMSF commercial property loan.

How To Apply For An SMSF Loan?

To avail of an SMSF loan, you must meet some strict requirements laid down under the Australian superannuation law. The applicant must be in the process of creating an SMSF or must have an existing SMSF structure. Additionally, a separate trust needs to be formed to hold the property. The documents required to apply for an SMSF borrowing include the following:
  • A full copy of the sale contract
  • Certified copy of SMSF Trust Deed
  • Certified copy of Custodian Trust Deed
  • Financial information

Does Your Investment Meet The Criteria?

If you want an SMSF borrowing, then the property:
  • Should not be acquired from a related party of a member.
  • Should not be rented by a fund member or any fund members’ related parties.
  • No fund member or any fund members’ related parties live on the property.
  • Should meet the ‘sole purpose test’ of providing retired benefits to fund members.

Why Choose Jump Financing For Your Self Managed Super Fund Loan?

  • Solutions:
    We adopt a flexible and tailored approach that suits your unique needs and benefits you and your goals.
  • Experience:
    We have a highly experienced team of SMSF loan specialists who leverages their expertise and knowledge to help you achieve your retirement and wealth goal.
  • More Loan Options:
    As mortgage brokers Melbourne, we have ties with all the leading lenders in Australia; hence you get access to the best home loans that fit your financial needs and goals for the future.
  • Customer Focused:
    Our team of mortgage brokers Melbourne never lose sight of your goals, whether you are planning to invest in residential or commercial property.

Jump Financing- Your SMSF Loan Specialist

As SMSF borrowing specialists, we make every effort to know your goals and how you want to use your SMSF. Our experienced mortgage brokers Melbourne help you find the right deal to meet your needs. We analyse different products according to your needs and determine the profitability of various SMSF borrowing options. We also prepare relevant documents for your application and ensure it complies with lender rules and government regulations. Speak to our experts today to finance your investment property with an SMSF loan.