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Investment Loans

Invest in Your Future With Our Flexible Property Loans

Thinking about investing in property, or have you already bought into the market and want to grow your investment portfolio? We are here to provide personalised financial advice at every step. Our lending specialists help you find the right investment property loan and investment property interest rates

What is an Investment Loan?

It is a loan you take to buy property you do not plan to live in. An investment property loan helps you finance the purchase of residential or commercial property either for long-term capital gains or regular income. 

What Are the Features of Investment Property Loans?

Offset Account

Reduce the mortgage principal by connecting your savings or transaction account to your investment property loan account. This will reduce the interest amount you have to pay while still giving you access to your funds.

Extra Repayments

Pay your investment property loan faster with unlimited repayments on our variable loan. Moreover, you can choose from weekly, fortnightly, or monthly repayment options as per your circumstances.

Split Loan

Split your investment property loan into two parts: variable rate loan and fixed rate loan. The fixed-rate loan would give you certainty on the repayments to be made each month, and the variable investment property interest rate loan would provide you greater repayment flexibility.

Redraw Facility

Make extra repayments on your investment property loan and withdraw funds in credit from your loan when you need some extra cash. Redraw facility also lowers the interest amount you have to pay on your loan.

What is the eligibility criteria for taking an investment property loan?

To be eligible for an investment property loan, you must be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident. The lender would require the following documents before granting a loan:

  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of income and employment
  • Bank statements
  • Credit history
  • Financial statements
  • Collateral documents (if you are using collateral as part of your investment plan).
Investment Loans in Melbourne

Why Choose Jump Financing?

Simple and Easy

At Jump Financing, we give you the best deals on investment property loans. As mortgage brokers Melbourne, we ensure the process of taking a loan is simple, easy, and quick. Moreover, we manage the paperwork from application right through settlement.

Compare and Apply

We have tie-ups with all leading banks and lending institutions. We compare the features and investment property interest rates of investment property loan solutions from all lenders and help you choose one that suits your unique needs.

Flexible Features

Tailor your investment property loan to take advantage of features such as offset account, redraw facility, split loan, additional repayments, etc.

Support at Every Step

Purchasing a property is exciting, and our team of mortgage lenders in Australia are there to guide and advise you at every step of this process. Our lending specialists’ partner with you to help you make informed decisions while purchasing property and securing a loan.

How Can You Apply for An Investment Property Loan?
  • Consult
    Apply online or speak to our team of mortgage brokers Melbourne about your loan requirements. We will promptly respond to your request and meet you to understand your goals and investment property loan needs. We will also answer all your queries.
  • Pre-Approval
    You can get pre-approval to know where your buying limit lies. Knowing your borrowing capacity helps you make more informed investment property purchase decisions.
  • Valuation and Verification
    We will do all the paperwork and ensure your loan application is complete. Our team of mortgage lenders in Australia also do a valuation of the property if required or applicable. We can also assist you in getting conditional approval issued while the valuation is in process.
  • Final Approval
    You can get final approval from the lending institution on meeting all the criteria. You will hear from your lender, and our team of mortgage brokers Melbourne will guide you through settlement.

Get An Investment Property Loan Pre-Approval

Know your borrowing power with our pre-approval facility. As one of the leading mortgage lenders in Australia, we have a smooth pre-approval process so you can focus more on finding the right investment property. Pre-approval enables you to make an offer on an investment property more confidently. If successful, we will issue a pre-approval letter that is valid for 90 days. To find out more about investment property loan pre-approval, make an appointment with our team of mortgage brokers Melbourne today.

Get Started

Apply online or speak to our mortgage brokers Melbourne, who will help you in finding the right investment property loan and take care of all the paperwork for you. Our team would advise on pre-approvals, loan features, and buying a home. We offer personalised service and assess your situation to find the best loan at the lowest investment property interest rates. We will walk you through the process to apply, approve and settle your investment property loan. Talk with one of our brokers to learn more about investment property loans and investment property interest rates.